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Microner Gyro Screen Separator

Microner Gyro Screen Separator



Welcome to Microner Inc.

At Microner Inc. we are the single source for your screening & separation needs for solids/solids and solids/liquids.

Microner provides technologically advanced and creatively engineered solutions and services to meet with challenging solids/solids and solids/liquids screening and separation problems.

With more than 15 years experience in the separation industry, Microner is a quality supplier of cost effective screening and separation equipment and is the industry leader of the World's first Circular Screener Visual Basic software program. This program quickly calculates the screening area required for any particle separation application. We have a fully equipped test laboratory on site. Test units are also available for on site evaluation.

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Screening fall under two general categories: dry screening and wet screening. From these categories, screening separates a flow of material into grades, these grades are then either further processed to an intermediary product or a finished product. Additionally the machines can be categorised into moving screen and static screen machines, as well as by whether the screens are horizontal or inclined.

The mining and mineral processing industry uses screening for a variety of processing applications. For example, after mining the minerals, the material is transported to a primary crusher. Before crushing large boulder are scalped on a shaker with 0.25 in (6.4 mm) thick shielding screening. Further down stream after crushing the material can pass through screens with openings or slots that continue to become smaller. Finally, screening is used to make a final separation to produce saleable products based on a grade or a size range.

  • Vibration - either sinusoidal vibration or gyratory vibration.
    • Sinusoidal Vibration occurs at an angled plane relative to the horizontal. The vibration is in a wave pattern determined by frequency and amplitude.
    • Gyratory Vibration occurs at near level plane at low angles in a reciprocating side to side motion.
  • Gravity - This physical interaction is after material is thrown from the screen causing it to fall to a lower level. Gravity also pulls the particles through the screen cloth.
  • Density - The density of the material relates to material stratification.
  • Electrostatic Force - This force applies to screening when particles are extremely dry or is wet.


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